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Truck driver shortage causes local pumpkin patch delay

When the truck does arrive, it will deliver around 1000 pumpkins.

ODESSA, Texas — The yearly pumpkin patch is a highlight for the principal at Faith Community Baptist Christian Academy.

"Putting that pumpkin patch out there, the kids that come for the pumpkins, it's amazing, you watch them run out of those cars to get a pumpkin and it's just the cutest thing," said Principal Jeannie Cradoct. But this year, the pumpkin patch will start a little later than expected. "We've got so many plans to do out there and we're just waiting for the pumpkins, we can't do anything until the pumpkins get here," said Cradoct.

A truckload of pumpkins from New Mexico was supposed to arrive Friday, but that didn't happen. "It's because of the driver shortage we have across the country, we are waiting," said the principal.

Truck driver shortages can cause delays in shipments all over the country.

When the truck does arrive, it will deliver around 1,000 pumpkins.

And the community is ready. "I have already had calls and messages and Facebook wanting to know are the pumpkins here yet, when are they coming, so a lot of people love the pumpkin patch," said Cradoct.

The good news is they are on their way.

"They are getting caught up on their supplies on their deliveries so we will get them eventually, we're hoping sometime early next week," she said.

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