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Trucking Industry Stats and Growth Projections in 2022


While the predictions being made about market statistics in 2022 are subject to change due to market instability, the statistical data is used to back up these claims remains the same. For anyone who wants to be familiar with the ins and outs of the trucking industry, being familiar with the current statistical data behind it is incredibly important. Here are 10 must-know statistics regarding the trucking industry and its developments over the past year.

  1. Highest GDP In The World – The United States currently stands at the number one spot when it comes to GDP from the trucking industry. The GDP of this industry is higher than that of 150 nations in the entire world.

  2. The Job Percentage – The trucking industry takes up a notable chunk of the U.S employee market, with more than 5.8% of jobs in the country being related to the trucking industry.

  3. Biggest Employer – Walmart currently stands as a company that has the most number of hired truckers, standing at 8,600.

  4. Total Weight Carried – In the United States, trucks carried approximately 10.8 billion tons of goods across the country.

  5. Preferred Form of Transportation – Almost 70% of the country’s goods are carried around by trucks from one state to the other.

  6. Job Diversity – The trucking industry has an incredible amount of diversity, with more than 40% of the jobs being held by people belonging to minorities.

  7. Grocery Store Dependence – Grocery stores are incredibly dependent on truck drivers to carry their goods, and most grocery stores would run out within three days if truck drivers stopped delivering their goods.

  8. Job Demand – There is an ever-growing demand for truck drivers, and experts believe that the trucking industry needs to hire at least 900,000 more people to meet the growing demand for truck drivers.

  9. Annual Income – Despite the large demand for truck drivers, the annual income of those working in this position is significantly less compared to the annual income of most Americans.

  10. Miles Per Year – Truck drivers put in countless hours into their work and the average truck driver logs in more than 100,000 miles every single year.

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