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No more truck parking in most of West Oakland?

The City Council might make big updates to rules on where commercial trucks can drive and park.

Heavy trucks rumbling down city streets have been a contentious issue in Oakland for decades.

Residential neighborhoods generally don’t want trucks passing through because of the air pollution and noise they emit. Communities of color in West Oakland have been disproportionately harmed by diesel emissions and other impacts.

Industrial zones, for their part, mostly welcome trucks. And commercial areas tend to want truck deliveries, but otherwise don’t want trucks taking up parking or passing through.

Next Tuesday, the city’s truck-traffic rules are set to be updated when the Oakland City Council considers two ordinances.

One would ban truck parking in most of West Oakland, and ban the parking of unattached trailers citywide. In West Oakland, truck parking would be allowed only on a few specific streets outside of areas that are “primarily residential,” or at designated sites near the port.

The second ordinance would ban truck traffic on most of West Oakland’s residential streets and update the routes semis and other heavy vehicles (those with five or more axles) are allowed to travel as they make their way to freeways from the port, warehouses, and local businesses.

The changes are part of Oakland’s Truck Management Plan, which started to take shape in 2017 with the input of Oakland residents and businesses.

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