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Unique Supply Chain Woes

Is there a relief for shippers?

James Brumley | Oct 15, 2021

Provided by The Motley Fool It's Official: HP Is Overwhelmed by Its Unique Supply Chain Woes

Every technology manufacturer is being pinched by the global semiconductor shortage. Computer maker HP(NYSE: HPQ), however, is bearing more than its fair share of the chip shortage's brunt.

That's the takeaway from tech market research outfit IDC's look at third quarter personal computer (PC) sales anyway. The recently published report indicates HP was the only major personal computer brand to ship fewer computers during Q3 of this year compared to Q3 of last year.

Were it just last quarter, the weak results might be forgivable, and even dismissible; these are strange circumstances and difficult times. It's not just last quarter's waning shipments though. While HP is a key fixture of the personal computing and printer landscape and will be around well into the future, the next few quarters -- and the fiscal Q4 report due in November in particular -- could prove rocky as the company works its supply logistics to make them look a little more like its competitors.

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