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Black Owned Trucking Company Partners with Uber to Help Drivers Get Trucking Jobs

Cloud Trucks is a Black owned trucking company that combines software engineering, and data science to help truck drivers keep more money in their pockets, faster and with fewer headaches.

They operate as a virtual trucking carrier that helps owner-operators maintain their independence while providing them with the back-office support that is typically reserved for a large carrier.

On May 5th, the company announced a partnership with Uber Freight and COOP by Ryder to help qualifying rideshare drivers on the Uber platform break into the freight industry and keep essential goods moving across the country.

How it works:

Rideshare drivers on the Uber platform who have a valid commercial driver’s license (CDL), will be able to earn with the support of CloudTrucks.

As a leased-on driver on CloudTrucks, they will be able to use the CloudTrucks app to search for and book loads from top freight brokers including Uber Freight. Drivers can apply at and can learn more about Uber Freight here.

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