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Trucker wins $100k lottery after splurging on $25 ticket

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

By Wimberly Patton - October 11, 2021

A North Carolina truck driver is looking forward to fewer monthly payments after winning a $100,000 lottery prize this month.

Pryor collected his winnings on Friday, October 8th, and took home $70,757 after taxes. I’m going to pay my home off and I’m going to pay her car off,” Pryor said. “Those are two extra bills I won’t have to worry about.”

Trucker Roderick Pryor says he was picking his wife up from a hair appointment when he stopped at the Grab N Go on NC 48 in Battleboro and decided to splurge on a $25 ticket. When the ticket turned out to be a winner, Pryor says he didn’t believe it, and took the time to put it in a safe, grab his glasses, and double check before starting to celebrate.

“It didn’t seem real,” Pryor said to NC Education Lottery. “I said that I wasn’t going to believe it until I actually put the check in my hand.”

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